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Building Your Dream Range Hood

When we decided to renovate the horse farm property, we knew we wanted our range hood to make a big statement. Framed by deep-set windows which provide ample room for a plant collection that even the most talented green thumb would envy, and surrounded by a frame that exudes "modern farmhouse," we knew we wanted to keep the range hood traditional but with a clean and modern twist.

We searched high and low, and confided in North Carolina's most skilled custom work artisans, but unfortunately weren't able to find a piece that fit our vision. Prices online surpassed our budget and more affordable options looked a tad too greco-roman. Definitely not the right fit.

Alas, we finally decided to do what any good do-it-yourselfer does. We built our own traditional yet modern farmhouse range hood and journaled a step-by-step guide for fellow farmhouse lovers. If you’re in the midst of your own kitchen makeover, or simply dream to add a statement piece to your current kitchen, read on. You'll find a trusty list of materials along with how-to instructions for creating your very own eye popping inspiration.

The shopping list.

Finishing nails

Minwax Stain

Minwax wood filler (to match the color stain you choose)


4 1x2x8

2 1x3x8

2 1x4x8

5 1x6x8

Wood glue

Range Hood Insert - NuTone 20.5 in (we got ours from Amazon)

The required tools.

Miter Saw


Ruler/Straight Edge


Tape Measure

The step-by-step guide.

Build your internal frame in your desired shape. We kept ours simple. Our base measurements were based off our insert size of 36” by 18” while our top measurements were 24” x 12."

Once your internal frame has been built, cut 1x6 board pieces for 6 vertical rows to form the 3 faces of the range hood leaving the back open and mitering the corners.

Screw in the insert to the base of the range hood.

Add trim on front face using 1x3 with mitered edge.

Add trim on side faces using 1x2 with mitered edge.

Attach 1x4 trim along entire top and 1x6 along entire base.

Fill all seams along edges and nails using wood filler.

Let set for 10 minutes.

With damp cloth, wipe down the excess filler.

Stain range hood with cloth, wipe down and remove excess when desired finish is achieved.

Mount to wall and attach vent to exterior of kitchen wall.

Voila! You're now well on your way to hosting countless kitchen soirees. Congratulations, friends!

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