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Winter Weather Tips for Your Home

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Although winter weather has officially arrived in the Carolinas, high heating bills don’t have to crash your holiday festivities. With a few do-it-yourself home remedies, and help from local insulating experts, you can enjoy a warm winter without the frosty charges.

According to Dan Thomas of Insulating Inc., the most efficient way to improve your home’s thermal envelope is to properly retrofit and insulate your attic and crawl space. By properly maintaining your home’s walls, windows and doors, and weather-sealing and insulating possible areas of air intrusion, you can help prevent the outside weather from getting in. For a free and professional onsite energy consultation within a 10-county area, call Dan at (919) 842-0888. In the meantime, a few small do-it-yourself changes can also help make your winter more comfortable:

Queue the curtains.

While opening curtains to allow sunlight in can help warm your home during bright hours, closing your curtains once the sun goes down can help keep cool air out. You may also want to consider swapping your summer shears for heavier thermal curtains to provide another layer of protection.

Socket sealers.

Electrical outlets can be a hidden energy drain so make sure all outlets on exterior walls near windows are properly insulated if you feel cold air entering. You can save both heat and money with a quick and cheap socket sealer installation.

Save the screens.

With warm weather in hiding, it’s safe to swap your screen doors for storm doors. You can do the same with screen windows to help create another barrier between indoors and outdoors.

Friendly fans.

Although we typically use fans to help maintain cool air, you can recirculate warm air after it rises to the ceiling by running your ceiling fans on low and in a clockwise direction. By doing so, you’ll continuously push down warm air.


To help your home efficiently deliver warm air to all areas of your space, be mindful in keeping furniture out of your vents’ paths. By moving couches and dressers, and unblocking your vents, you’ll allow better circulation and warmer air.

Get green.

By placing the right trees in the right locations, you can prevent cold winds from entering your home while also enabling sunlight to enter. suggests planting an evergreen tree on the northern side of your home to help block winds. Meanwhile, investing in a tree that loses its leaves in the winter is better suited for the southern side of your home for increased exposure during chillier months.

Although winter has made its arrival in the Fort Bragg area, you still have time to safely winterize your home. With a few small do-it-yourself changes, and free advice from local experts, your home will be warmer while your heating bills cool down. Happy holidays, friends!

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